Medical & Radiation Oncology

The diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming and intimidating, but we can provide more options and hope than ever before with ongoing advances in detection and treatment. Veterinary Medical Referral Service’s oncology department will work with you in determining the best treatment plan to improve not just your pet’s prognosis, but their quality of life as well.


We know that as the owner of a pet diagnosed with cancer, you will have many questions. Our three doctors lead a dedicated support team to compassionately guide you and your pet through every step in the process. After an initial physical examination, additional tests and treatment options will be discussed to diagnose and treat your pet’s cancer. Depending on your pet’s condition, diagnostic testing and disease management with both curative and palliative treatments may include:

• Advanced laboratory testing of blood or tissue biopsies
• Diagnostic Imaging – ultrasound, radiography (x-rays), CT scans, MRIs
• Chemotherapy
• Radiation therapy
• Surgery
• Nutritional support
• Pain management

In addition to medical and surgical cancer treatments, our state-of-the-art linear accelerator allows us to offer complete services in radiation oncology. We also offer the latest advances such as an ultrasound-guided laser treatment used to ease the suffering of dogs with lower urinary tract tumors. The combination of our multi-modal approach and the expertise and experience of our vast array of specialists make Veterinary Specialty Center the best choice for treating your pet’s cancer.

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