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The Veterinary Specialty Center Difference

We love what we do, and it shows
Our patients remain at the heart of everything we do – it’s what makes our practice so innovative and compassionate. To ensure we are always delivering the highest level of service, our owners engage in every aspect of the business, from implementing new technology to the treatment of patients, face-to-face communication with families, and providing resources and education to the communities we serve.

Innovation drives us
As dedicated entrepreneurs, we think long-term by investing in innovation and research to deliver the best quality care. Each day, as owners make their rounds, they’re listening to the critical needs of both patients and staff and asking: What can we do to be better today and tomorrow?

We invest in the success of our staff
Our team includes some of the brightest talents in the veterinary field and is motivated by collaboration and lifelong learning. As Veterinary Specialty Center grows, we provide opportunities for development among our staff, fostering a shared sense of pride and ownership in our practice.

Our Vision and Core Values

Veterinary Specialty Center provides unsurpassed healthcare for animals in a kind and comforting environment. Everyday our staff uses our core values when dealing with patients, clients and each other. Core values are at the root of all of our decisions.

We do this by adhering to our Core Values every day – Amazing people, Working together, Creating opportunity, With love and Use common sense.

  • Amazing People
    When we talk about being amazing, it means more than the medicine that we practice at VSC. It is bringing our “A” game each day when we assist our clients, patients and our coworkers. It is also about passionately pursuing our best performance and truly enjoying what we do.
  • Working Together Veterinary Specialty Center
    When we work together, we communicate, support and nurture the bond with others on our team. Part of working together is assuming the best intentions of others and fostering harmony on our team.
  • Creating Opportunity
    At VSC we create opportunity by stretching our horizons, paying it forward and believing in ourselves. Every day we have the opportunity to teach, learn and grow. At VSC, we encourage staff like Dr. India Wood who started in the ward and is now a board-certified surgeon. Throughout the hospital, assistants, coordinators and techs have taken the extra steps to move into more challenging roles.
  • Using Common Sense
    At VSC we encourage everyone on our team to think and act like owners and we strive to deal sensibly and realistically with our coworkers instead of taking the easy way out. We are finding that excellence and perfection are not the same thing and that accepting feedback and asking more questions brings us all to a higher level. That often means thinking through a few extra steps when you’re helping someone out and always standing by our corporate core values.
  • With Love
    We show love by being patient and having self-control while being kind and showing encouragement and enthusiasm. We are trusting and place confidence in our team while thinking less of ourselves. We are honest and forgiving while being dedicated and sticking to our values.