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To Dr. Ghantos, Dr. Ilie, and Techs Sarah and Britney;

How can we ever thank you for taking such wonderful care of Molly? We brought in a very sick, very lethargic and depressed dog who had spent 8 days in a vet hospital facility that did not care for her well. Dr. Ghantos, thank you for letting us bring Molly in to you and for making a sound assessment of her health needs as you have often done before for us. You saved our Molly. We are so glad we found out where you are now!

Dr. Ilie your care and thoroughness gave us confidence Molly was going to be fine. Your compassion for her well being meant so much. We are forever grateful for you both.

Sarah and Britney; what can we say to you except thank you, thank you. The care and cuddles and knowledge you had for Molly made all the difference—and your patience with my many worried phone calls was remarkable—always patient, always caring, never bothered. We know she felt loved and safe in your care.

What a remarkable team. Thank you for giving Molly back to us! She is progressing well, back to her happy, perky, mischievous self—a little slower than usual but on the mend. So from all of us, thank you for being there for all three of us.

Georgia & David Nelson, and of course, Molly


“They saved our puppy’s life by recognizing and treating the signs of Leptospirosis.  Everyone we met was caring and compassionate.  This was evidenced at a follow up visit when our puppy was so happy to see those who had cared for him.”
– Marcella

“We have seen several different departments. Dr. West for surgery, Dr. Foley twice in Emergency, Dr. Noonan in Internal Medicine, and Dr. Seilheimer for rehab. I am blown away by how well all the departments work together. I feel that we are in good hands no matter which doctor we see. We have spent the most time with the rehab department and all I can say is WOW! The whole team is fantastic and we will miss them when we are done with treatment.”
– Kelly

“Excellent experience! After meeting the surgeon I felt confident my kitty was in excellent hands. I liked the 24 x 7 availability for questions and concerns and appreciated the follow up call on how my Kitty was doing. The technician’s discharge instructions were thorough. I took a lot of her time with questions and nervous chatter and she made me feel comfortable and did not rush me at all. Thank you.”
– Linda

“Very satisfied with Anabell’s life-saving care.”
– Sarah

“As with other times I have taken my pets to VSC The experience had been most professional and pleasant. The Doctors, Nurses and Technicians are very willing to explain and answer question concerning the pet’s problems!”
– Audrey

“Everyone there is very professional and the facility is top-notch. I was impressed!”
– Carrie

“I was truly overwhelmed with the excellent care Louie received. The doctors were right on time, very knowledgeable, very positive, and obviously extremely capable. They followed up via phone when they said they would. The techs were very helpful and caring and also very knowledgeable. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”
– Jennifer

“I felt VSC supplied the highest degree of vet care and customer support possible.  Facility as good or better than human hospital.”
– Barbara

“My dog had a grand mal seizure in the middle of the night. I called, wonderful person answered the phone. I was visiting a friend from out of town and had used this emergency service for many years. Jack had been there to see Mimi Noonan and you had all the records. I was seen quickly. Blood was drawn and a diagnosis was made…I felt secure that Jack would be OK until I got to my vet in Michigan. I miss you guys. I am sure I will find something here, but you are so very good.  Thank you for all the care that my doggies have received in – the past 40 years. Thank you Tracey for your loving concern and care.  You were wonderful!”
– Suzanne

“Great team. Great job diagnosing and treating a complicated disease.”
– Terry

“We brought Gabby in on Sunday morning, knowing that she had gotten into a briefcase the night before but unsure if she had eaten anything. She was displaying signs of abdominal distress and was admitted for observation, xrays and an ultrasound and kept overnight. The xrays showed a small object that had either been eaten during this episode or at some point in the past. But, by day two, she was symptom free, so it was decided that she would come home and we would monitor her at home. We appreciate that the doctors did not rush to perform surgery, which carries its own risks. We appreciate the conservative approach. While she was there, we visited our dog twice. She barely wanted to stay in the room with us because she loves hanging out with the kind, caring staff. We could not ask for you to have done anything to better serve us. You take such good care of the animals and their nervous parents!”
– Julie

“Everyone was excellent and friendly. Dr Thornhill & Dr Robbins are EXCELLENT! ICU nurses were so kind and sweet!”
– Cathy

“When I called in for information, Jennifer was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. David Brdecka evaluated my dog and gave us a couple of options. His explanations were very thorough and he made us feel very comfortable with our choice and decision to move forward with him as our surgeon. We didn’t feel rushed and we felt he had great respect and outstanding people skills. His follow up was great. The Vet Tech that checked us in was amazing.  The Vet Tech that checked us out was outstanding and very thorough. Very happy with the facility and level of care both for my dog and for us.  Highly recommended.”
– Arlene

“Was so pleased with the care, periodic calls to check on my dog, response from Dr. Wood and the staff when there seemed to be a problem. Very competent AND caring.”
– Barb

“I’m 100% satisfied with my entire experience of 5 days of having Nala with your facility. I felt that she was in the best hands that I could have gotten her too. Love all the doctors, nurses and techs. Truly appreciate all that you guys did to keep my family member alive and progressing.”
– Malik

“Dr. Brdecka was amazing. He was upfront about our options for Hannah and what the prognosis for each would be.”
– Tammi

“Henri stopped eating and began having bloody urine. We promptly took him to our local vet, who sent us to you. Drs. Ida, Caballero and staff promptly diagnosed the problem as crystals in his bladder, watched him overnight to make sure all else was ok, that there wasn’t a blockage anywhere, and we were able to bring him home Saturday. Now he is feeling much better and he and his brother had a great reunion and ‘parties’ of their own making Saturday and Sunday nights!”
– Selena

“You’re the best. You give us confidence that are pet will be taken care of the best possible way. Can’t be better.”
– Rachel

“You went above and beyond our expectations both in customer service and making us feel comfortable with Yoshi’s surgery. Explanation was detailed that we understood everything Dr. Brdecka was saying. Visuals are a plus for me, helps me understand better, which the Dr. did. Excellent job! Thank you!”
– Ingrid

“Bean is still receiving laser treatments and is still under the care of Dr Comito. We could not be more impressed with the knowledge of your staff (Drs Wickman, Ryl and Comito), the efficiency of the clinic, and the kindness we receive from everyone. The doctors are conservative in treatment; they allow us to be involved in the decision-making process by presenting all of the options to us and talking through Bean’s healthcare plan. We were also amazed at all of the resources right in your building, both traditional and holistic. Thank you for taking such great care of Bean.”
– Melissa

“It took a few days of day visits to properly diagnose our dog, Maisy. After an MRI she was diagnosed with encephalitis. Your ICU team of doctors and nurses were beyond fantastic! You all were so kind, informative, straight forward and helpful. We are beyond grateful to have found our way to Veterinary Specialty Center! Thank you, Thank you for saving Maisy!
– Judy

“The staff was extremely friendly and caring. They took very good care of Max. He’s much better now.”
– Charles

“Everyone there was patient, kind, and clearly has a love for animals. They treated my kitty really well, put up with our constant phone calls before, during and after his hospitalization, and treated us very well on our visits. I appreciate everything you did to get him home to us.”
– Stacey

“Unfortunately, I’m no stranger to Veterinary Specialty Center. This time, I saw Dr. Haslitt when I brought my dog into emergency and then he was treated by Dr. Armentano. Both were beyond wonderful. The staff there is always so nice, caring and hard working. They understand how upsetting it is to have a sick pet and make you feel that yours is special. You are given updates on the status and treatment of your pet and they encourage you to call anytime to check on your pet. It was reassuring to be able to call in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep because I was worried, and get an update on how Clyde was doing.”
– Nanci