Canine Osteosarcoma Clinical Trial

/Canine Osteosarcoma Clinical Trial

Canine Osteosarcoma Clinical Trial

Veterinary Specialty Center is participating in an osteosarcoma clinical study to evaluate the ELIAS vaccine-enhanced adoptive cell therapy as a treatment for cancer in dogs. ELIAS Animal Health has developed a unique immunotherapy treatment protocol that may permit the dog’s immune system to attack its own cancer cells. The ELIAS cancer immunotherapy (ECI®) is an adoptive T cell therapy that has demonstrated effectiveness in clinical trials in both canines and humans while avoiding or minimizing the need for chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

Trial Summary:

  • Trial enrollment is required prior to amputation (affected limb must be intact)
  • Treatment includes either ECI immunotherapy or carboplatin chemotherapy
  • Patients must complete a 7-11 week treatment regimen and return for quarterly follow-up visits throughout the 18-month trial
  • Study sponsor partially covers treatment costs for ECI immunotherapy and fully covers all treatments costs for carboplatin chemotherapy

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Appendicular osteosarcoma with the limb still in place
  • Patient determined to be in sufficiently good health overall to undergo and complete the treatment schedule
  • Is not currently pregnant or lactating
  • Is not currently pregnant or lactating
  • Has not previously received any treatments for its cancer
  • Does not have metastatic disease (tumor spread) at the time of diagnosis
  • Is not currently on immunosuppressive drugs
  • Is not currently taking any supplements, herbal products, or other natural remedies for its cancer or other health-related issues
  • Does not have a second malignancy
  • Must weigh at least 33 lbs / 15 kg
  • Owner/guardian is willing and able to take the dog to all scheduled clinic visits during the treatment schedule, as well as the follow-up visits

Learn more about this incredible therapy from VSC’s Dr. Rhonda Feinmehl and the University of Missouri’s College of Veterinary Medicine’s Dr. Jeffrey Bryan on how it is advancing both human and veterinary medicine by clicking HERE.

To see if your dog may be a good candidate please speak to your pet’s regular veterinarian or reach out to VSC at 847.459.7535 or

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