COVID-19 Service Announcement

VSC’s Current Protocols During COVID-19

We are continuing to do curbside services until further notice to best protect our staff, patients and clients.

Here are the latest protocols for our clients.

  1. Scan or text for Curbside Check-in – While we continue with curbside services, all clients and patients must wait in their car. Upon arrival for an appointment or emergency, simply scan or text your specific parking space sign to check-in and share your exact location. A member of our team will then call you to discuss your pet’s history, any current issues, and to let you know when we will be out to retrieve your pet. We ask that you please step out of your car while wearing a mask to transfer your pet on their leash or their carrier to our team.
  2. Get in line online – If your pet needs emergency medical attention and does not need to be seen immediately, you can reserve a place in line and wait in the comfort of your home by getting in line online. To see if your pet qualifies and to use our Get In Line service, please CLICK HERE.
  3. When in doubt, call! – If you are unsure whether your pet needs to be seen in an emergency or if a scheduled appointment is okay, please call us to help assess the situation. We have additional staff in place to ensure the best determination is made for your pet.
  4. Safety measures – For your safety and ours, our team members wear masks, face shields, and additional personal protective equipment (PPE) when they come to your car to retrieve your pet. All clients must also wear face masks, practice social distancing and we recommend frequent hand washing.
  5. Payment procedures – For your convenience and safety, we are continuing with contactless payment. Texts and emails with secure links will be sent for payment of deposits and invoices.
  6. If you are sick, please send a healthy friend or family member to bring your pet – Please do not be offended if we ask about your health and inquire if you’ve been exposed to COVID. We want to be here to help your pet and to do so, we need to keep our staff safe and healthy.
  7. One client per pet – We understand families want to be supportive of their pets but please limit the number of adults accompanying your pet to the hospital. If you are exhibiting any signs of illness, please find an alternative person to bring your pet to the vet.
  8. Euthanasia services – In order to accommodate two family members being present during euthanasia, we have made some modifications to our front vestibule and dedicated exam rooms. Improvements to these spaces include appropriate refurbishing, enhancing privacy, and the installation of a heat recovery ventilation systems, which constantly ventilate fresh, warm outside air for everyone’s safety.
  9. Climate-controlled, luxury restrooms – We have recently added a climate-controlled, luxury restroom trailer for our clients, which is thoroughly cleaned daily for safety. Any clients requiring accessible restrooms are asked to call us at (847) 459-7535 for accommodations, which require a mask to be worn and is limited to one person at a time.

We will continue to keep you updated as any additional precautions become necessary. Thank you for your help and understanding during this ever-evolving situation.

For more information about COVID-19 and your pet from the AVMA,
please go here.


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