Vet Radar/ezyVet Updates

This page will be updated whenever important changes or updates occur in Vet Radar.



  • Fluid section overhaul to include additives, ability to stop and restart fluids, include boluses, etc.
  • Patients viewable on multiple whiteboards simultaneously
  • Whiteboard enhancements to fit more patients at one time and improve scrolling feature
  • VetRadar sheet templates and workflows automatically assigned when sent from ezyVet (similar to how SF worked)
  • Ability to reactivate treatment and anesthesia sheets
  • Enhancing CRI functionality
  • Making a CPR status mandatory/default when sending a patient to VetRadar

11/23/21 12:00pm

Proposed CRI protocol sent out to all staff for review and feedback, which is through Monday, November 29th.

11/9/21 6:55pm

  • To hide discontinued treatments, click the sheet button and toggle the “Hide discontinued treatment” and click “Save Changes.
  •  To change the names of the doctor and/or nurse on a particular treatment/anesthesia sheet, click the sheet button (see above), update the doctor and/or tech, and click “Save Changes”.

11/1/21 4:30pm

  • “Seizure watch” will now default to the monitoring section in VetRadar.

10/30/21 7:36pm

We are currently experiencing an issue with updating our patient’s locations/whiteboards in VetRadar. VetRadar has identified the problem:

Patients must be assigned a color in VetRadar in order to update their location (Ward, Room and Cage).

To assign a color, simply click on View Profile in VetRadar and select one.

VetRadar is already fixing it and hopes to have it implemented soon. We will keep you posted and apologize for this software bug.

10/26/21 8:36pm

The CPR Status is more obvious

You will see on the patient card that the patient signalment is displayed in one area under the patient’s name, while the CPR status is displayed on its own to make this information easy to read at a glance.

Audible Anaesthesia Alert 🚨

An audible alert has now been added to Anaesthesia and Treatment sheets to help prompt you to enter your monitoring values. Currently, it’s a low tone, but it is being enhanced to sound more like a bell.

Update the weight via the patient details 

You can now enter your patient’s weight while updating the color and location, reducing the time it takes to set up a sheet.

Billing information on a treatment 💲

If a treatment line has the default set to “on” this is indicated on the treatment line with a green triangle.

10/22/21 11:10am

  • “SQ fluid administration” has been removed from the Admission ER template in VetRadar. It now must be manually added when appropriate.

10/18/21 9:43am

  • “Regurgitation” has been added under the Activity section in VetRadar.

10/16/21 10:48am

  • “Euthanasia Workflow” has been added and adds the following items that are checked off when completed:
    • Euth IVC
    • Euth Propofol
    • Euth Fatal Plus

10/13/21 8:00am

All discharges must have signatures (remote or in-person).

Please find the protocol as well as a short video below that explains the steps.

Remote and In-person Signatures on Discharges


A copy of the video can be found on our Vet Radar/ezyVet Updates webpage, which can also be found under your managed bookmarks in Chrome.

A copy of this protocol can also be found in ezyVet under Help > Standard Operating Procedures > Remote and In-person Signatures on Discharges.

All Patient Care Plans (PCPs)/estimate(s) must have remote signatures.

Remote signature PCP requests can be sent via text or email directly from ezyVet. Clients will also acknowledge that the low-end deposit is required for hospitalized patients as well as select their resuscitation (CPR) preference for their pet. Once signed and submitted, the sender will receive a memo notification that the PCP has been signed. If the patient is going to be hospitalized, the payment request for the deposit is subsequently sent and the sender will receive a memo notification once the payment has been made.

Please find the protocol as well as a short video below that explains the steps.

Patient Care Plan (estimate) Remote Signatures & Deposits

A copy of this protocol can also be found in ezyVet under Help > Standard Operating Procedures > Patient Care Plan (estimate) Remote Signatures & Deposits.

Please email with any questions.

10/11/21 12:56pm

  • If a patient’s vital is unable to be obtained (UTO),  you can simply:
    • Click on the task in VetRadar
    • instead of entering a value, enter your note in the Notes section that it was UTO and the reason why
    • Then click “SKIP TASK
  • Non-billing treatments added:
    • “Heart Murmur Detected” can now be manually added to any sheet where the grade can be selected.
    • “Total Feeding Amount Infused” has been added to track the amount of food given by feeding tube
    • “Fluid Bolus” has been added to signify the amount of fluid to bolus
    • “E-tube Feeding”
    • “E/PEG tube monitoring”
    • “Imaging” has been added to denote an imaging request needs to be made in ezyVet
    • “UCS Care” has been added to denote the urinary catheter system needs to be checked
    • “High Flow FiO2”
    • “High Flow Oxygen Rate (L/min)”
    • “High Flow Temperature”
  • 2-minute video on sending Patient Care Plans (PCPs) for CPR select and remote signature:

10/9/21 10:28pm

  • IV blood products have been added so you can track them like a CRI, but please remember to charge separately for the blood product.
    • IV Transfusion – Whole Blood
    • IV Transfusion – FFP
    • IV Transfusion – Platelet Concentrate
    • IV Transfusion – PRBCs

10/7/21   2:45pm


  • PI administration route (Nocita) added
  • Added “Nursing Notes” to almost all treatment sheet templates.
    • Click a cell on the treatment line.
    • Ignore “Value” and enter info under “Notes”.
    • If using an ipad, use in vertical orientation for easiest data entry.
    • To populate all of the note entries at the same time, click on “Nursing Notes”.
    • Nursing notes can be manually added as a treatment if it’s already missing.
  • BP – single-use has been updated to a billable item on the Admission ER template.
  • *Attitude has been updated to include QDR and Dull.

10/6/21  5:47pm

  • All medications must be entered in mgs (except oral tablets and capsules, which must be entered in quantity format)
  • New sheets (instead of a form, these will now be their own separate treatment sheets):
    • Euthanasia Checklist
    • Release Checklist (surgery)
  • 1.5 hour (90 min) treatment interval has been added
    • Moving forward, all IV fluids will be labeled by type instead of generically (e.g. IV Fluids Plasmalyte)
    • We have discontinued additional fluid bags and will only be charging for/initialing one fluid bag line item (e.g.
      Normosol-R 1L (bag))
    • Fluid bag additives (KCl, KPhos, Reglan, Bicarb Dextrose, etc.) are now part of each IV fluid type. Please see examples below:
      • IV Fluids Normosol-R + KCl + KPhos
      • IV Fluids Lactated Ringers (LRS) + Dextrose
  • Indication of billable items on treatment (not just individual tasks)
  • Ability to reorder treatments on ipads (LONG PRESS IN OR ON SECTION HEADER TO REORDER TREATMENT)
  • Doppler removed from anesthetic sheet monitoring parameters

Dispensing scheduled meds from Cubex via Vet Radar



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How to view private Instagram pages?

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Just how to view private Instagram pages?

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Tory Bauswell Asked question May 27, 2022
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Subcutaneous fluids

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The SQ fluids are charging inappropriately. We charge a flat fee for fluids, no matter what the volume administered is. The way it’s charging is by the ML, which means that the mastiff I just gave a liter to was charged $35,000.

Angi Thomas Asked question January 8, 2022
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test always whack their heartburn to unearth their houses

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Kelvin Whitta Asked question December 12, 2021
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Midaz Cri line

613 views Answered question

I’m surprised this hasn’t been a issue yet. But can we add a Midaz cri

Jayme Richardson Answered question November 22, 2021
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Seizure watch

662 views Answered question

Can “seizure watch” be moved from the “Nursing care” section (all the way at the bottom of the tx sheet) to the “monitoring” section (top of the tx sheet), please.

Thank you!


Jayme Richardson Answered question November 1, 2021
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Adding medications PRN

29 views Answered question

How do we add medication without setting a time to give it? And how do we notate that it’s an ask; is it in the notes? For example, when adding midazolam for a seizure watch patient, we just need the line item in the case that it seizures.

Jayme Richardson Answered question November 1, 2021
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Lag still noted

648 views Answered question

Is there an update to the reason behind the lag on the Ipads? Today the Ipad is freezing so then you have to refresh the Ipad then synchronize each time. I also had a question in regards to when treatments get missed. Do we have a better system than just marking late and skipping treatments? This is time-consuming and when there is a lag in the tablets this adds up in the time needed to do actual treatments.

Jayme Richardson Answered question November 1, 2021
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10/17/2021 – updated Ipad with new VetRadar

637 views Changed status to publish

Updated Ipad when it stated new Vetradar update needed. Then all day, I either get kicked out of Vetradar & then the IPad slowly synchronizes ( taking up to 3 minutes) and puts me back to my patients’ board or it slowly synchronizes per treatment item ( taking 5 to 6 seconds for each item).  I had asked around to the other techs and they too noticed a lag between items. This adds up when you have more than one patient. Where can we send a video of issues or do we need to type up the issues

Jayme Richardson Changed status to publish November 1, 2021
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Changing presenting complaint

656 views Answered question

Is there a way to change the presenting complaint/health problem in VetRadar? Currently, it carries over the complaint from EZVet put in by the front desk. Sometimes this is inaccurate or misheard. (Eg: yesterday a cat with a bloody anus was actually a blocked cat.) It also seems inappropriate to change this in EZVet once we diagnose them. Like in the blocked cat example, they didn’t know he was blocked, so to change this presenting complaint to UO appears wrong.

Jayme Richardson Answered question November 1, 2021
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Unlocking Invoice Lines

632 views Changed status to publish

Hi Jayme!

When doing invoices, we can lock and unlock all the line items at once by using the check mark/hourglass in the header line.  Ezyvet wants to lock everything first, then unlock.  Is it possible to have this reversed so we can just unlock all the lines without locking them all first?  This would save about 15 to 30 seconds per invoice.

Thanks for looking into this!

Jayme Richardson Changed status to publish November 1, 2021
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Multiple concerns

306 views Changed status to publish

-Ipad crashing when finalizing an anesthetic sheet or discharging a patient (completely kicks you out of Vet Radar); sometimes just randomly, while entering treatments

-We have had instances of auto-populated incorrect drug routes (eg: entyce SQ, rimadyl IV, etc)

-Controlled drugs; not in the cubex even when the treatment sheet is initialed. Also, this is causing nurses to forget to give drugs because after it’s initialed, they have to wait before they can pull it up. Some times then the treatment is late as the nurse has to move on to other things while waiting for it to connect to Cubex

-Talking to the Cubex in general. I personally have had multiple patients over the past week that I had to add to the Cubex. Is this getting forgotten by the front desk or a larger issue?

-Where can we put the IV catheter size and date so that it’s easily accessible like it was on EZVet?EZVet would alert us when it had been longer than 3 days.

-We need a streamline a way to update the client info so that we know their current location. Often this is left unchanged and we don’t know when an owner has left and then returned

Jayme Richardson Changed status to publish November 1, 2021
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re-admit patient

158 views Posted new comment

How do we re-start tx sheets? p was here yesterday and went to create a new sheet and needs a consultation number?? I made new appt in ezyvet but still won’t work.

Jayme Richardson Posted new comment November 1, 2021
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Adding line items while invoicing

670 views Changed status to publish

Is it possible to bring back the “enter” key function to add a new line for invoicing? We still have this ability when making PCPs. It is nice to have consistency. Thank you

Jayme Richardson Changed status to publish October 10, 2021
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Moving backwards?

663 views Changed status to publish

From the main page where we are just looking at our list of sheets, it has the patient then the hourly tasks notifying us that the patient is due for something.

But when the hour ends it moves on and it’s not possible from that main page to see past hours and see if you missed anything from the past hour. You have to open up each individual treatment sheet and make sure you are caught up. Are we able to make it so we can look back at previous hours on the task flow section?


Jayme Richardson Changed status to publish October 8, 2021
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