-Ipad crashing when finalizing an anesthetic sheet or discharging a patient (completely kicks you out of Vet Radar); sometimes just randomly, while entering treatments

-We have had instances of auto-populated incorrect drug routes (eg: entyce SQ, rimadyl IV, etc)

-Controlled drugs; not in the cubex even when the treatment sheet is initialed. Also, this is causing nurses to forget to give drugs because after it’s initialed, they have to wait before they can pull it up. Some times then the treatment is late as the nurse has to move on to other things while waiting for it to connect to Cubex

-Talking to the Cubex in general. I personally have had multiple patients over the past week that I had to add to the Cubex. Is this getting forgotten by the front desk or a larger issue?

-Where can we put the IV catheter size and date so that it’s easily accessible like it was on EZVet?EZVet would alert us when it had been longer than 3 days.

-We need a streamline a way to update the client info so that we know their current location. Often this is left unchanged and we don’t know when an owner has left and then returned

Angi Asked question October 13, 2021
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