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Interns and Residents

Our Passion to Teach

As one of the oldest private specialty veterinary practices in the country, Veterinary Specialty Center has been a leader and innovator. Our compassion for our patients is matched by our passion to share our expertise as we train the next generation of veterinarians and specialists.

What is a Veterinary Intern?
When students graduate from veterinary school and become licensed, they go one of two routes – either into private practice or they seek more training through internship programs. These internship programs give young, licensed veterinarians the opportunity to work closely with board-certified specialists and experienced emergency veterinarians to get more extensive training.

After an internship, veterinarians may choose to join a primary care practice, move into emergency veterinary medicine or enroll in a residency program as they pursue the path of becoming a board-certified specialist. Veterinarians selected into an internship program participate in a competitive match program based on academic achievements and clinical experience.

We have two internship programs at VSC – rotating and surgical. Our rotating interns work closely with our emergency team while also spending time rotating through each of our specialties. Surgical interns have already completed a rotating internship and are now receiving additional training in surgery. Many of the residents that have worked at VSC through the years have been graduates of our internship program.

Rotating Interns

Jean Acuna, DVM, Rotating Intern

Jenna Epstein, DVM, Rotating Intern

Briana McConnell, DVM, Rotating Intern

Jonathan Powers, DVM, Rotating Intern Save

Surgical Interns

Melissa De Lombaert, DVM, Surgical Intern

Sierra Edelsohn, DVM, Surgical Intern

Alyssa Matos, DVM, Surgical Intern

Avery Ortiz, DVM, Surgical Intern

What is a Veterinary Resident?

Surgical interns

Residents are licensed veterinarians that have completed at least one internship program. They are selected though a highly competitive pool of candidates and only a small fraction of those applying for residencies are selected.

VSC is home to surgical and internal medicine residency programs. Our residents receive intense training and manage complex cases under the guidance of our board-certified specialists. They also play a large role in the training and supervising of our surgical and rotating interns, participate in daily rounds with our specialists and emergency doctors and assist with journal discussions for our interns.

As part of the program, residents must complete a research project and publish an article in a respected journal. After their three-year residency, they will take the certifying exam for the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) or the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. Once they pass that exam and complete necessary requirements, they become a board-certified surgeon or a board-certified internist.


Gabrielle Hybki, DVM, Surgical Resident

Gabrielle Hybki, DVM, Surgical Resident

Julia Kahn, DVM, Internal Medicine Resident

Julia Kahn, DVM, Internal Medicine Resident

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