Angela Wickman, DVM

///Angela Wickman, DVM

Emergency and Critical Care


Iowa State University


Oradell Animal Hospital (New Jersey)

Dr. Wickman has known that she wanted to be a veterinarian since she was seven years old and had a family friend that was a veterinarian. That doctor ended up being her first mentor. She worked in kennels and as a technician in high school and college prior to becoming a veterinarian.

Working in the Emergency Room

I love the fast pace and thrill of emergency medicine but I understand that a visit to the ER is very stressful and overwhelming. I am constantly putting myself in the owners’ shoes to try and see all the perspectives of the case and provide a plan that is best for both the family and their beloved pet. I strive to provide owners with compassion in their difficult time and to provide an initial diagnostic and treatment plan to try to put them at ease.


The most inspiring case I have had so far in my career was a 6 month old puppy that had very severe pneumonia and pyothorax (infected fluid in the chest). He ended up being hospitalized for about 10 days and even had to have surgery to remove the affected lung lobe. He was in the ICU on fluids, antibiotics, specially formulated IV nutrition, etc. and had bilateral chest tubes. With all that intensive care we were able to nurse him back to health with the help of his very committed family. He was a happy and healthy boy by the time he went home. That case was so challenging but that is also what made it so rewarding.

At Home

Pit bulls have a very special place in my heart and I have an adopted pittie at home. Outside of veterinary medicine I enjoy music, travel and outdoor activities.


"My dog was not eating and was not doing well.  Dr. Wickman diagnosed her and it turned out that she had a very aggressive form of cancer.  The doctor was sympathetic and explained the next steps, and also helped me prepare my family to say goodbye to our pet.  Thanks for your kind words and demeanor, Dr. Wickman." ~ David

"We/our dog received wonderful care. The receptionist, vet tech, Dr.   Wickman and the radiologist tech were all caring, friendly and thorough." ~ Terri

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