Maria VonderHaar, DVM, CVA, CVSMT, CCRP

///Maria VonderHaar, DVM, CVA, CVSMT, CCRP

Rehabilitation and Integrative Medicine


University of Missouri (Columbia, MO)


Certified in Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy (CVSMT)
Certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society  (IVAS)
Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP)

Further Studies:

Physical therapy studies at the University of Tennessee
Chinese Herbal Study at A Time to Heal

Dr. VonderHaar’s focus is complementary care; she is board certified in acupuncture and skilled in botanical and holistic medicine. Her goal at Veterinary Specialty Center is to provide patients with advanced treatments to assist healing and reduce stress. Dr. VonderHaar understands that the improvement of the patient’s overall quality of life is a vital factor in every treatment and procedure.

Complementary care

“We incorporate every modality of care available at the Veterinary Specialty Center, so that we can ensure the best outcomes for our patients–that our animals experience their best quality of life.”

Overall health

“In human healthcare, it is generally accepted that health requires that a diversity of issues be addressed, including diet, environment and exercise. At TheraPET, we’re bringing that same holistic approach to caring for our patients, incorporating all modalities of care and taking care to see that the entire life of an animal is as good as possible. Diet, environment, exercise and play activity all contribute to a healthy, happy pet and pet/person relationship.”

Helping those who love animals

“I enjoy spending time with animals and the people who love them. It is through the support of committed people that our pets enjoy the quality of life we all know they deserve.”