Robert Armentano, DVM, DACVIM

///Robert Armentano, DVM, DACVIM

Internal Medicine


University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign, IL)


University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)


University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)


Board Certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Dr. Armentano takes every opportunity to learn from each of his cases.  He appreciates the experiences that his patients and their families provide.

Compassion and Client Education…

“The most important dimension of great patient care is compassion and client education and communication.   I truly value the importance of doing whatever is required to educate my clients so they can make the best decision for their pet and family.”

Adapting to Each Situation…

“I do not feel that there is one approach that works for every client/patient.  I try to adapt to each situation.  No question is too trivial and I am happy to spend whatever time is needed for my clients to feel comfortable and confident when making important decisions for their pet.”

Passionate About the Advancement of Veterinary Medicine…

“I always strive to improve my professional skills by continual reading of the most up to date literature and attending continuing education events.  I am truly passionate about the advancement of the field of veterinary medicine and providing the most current diagnostic and treatment plans available.”

Published Articles and Papers  


You couldn't have done better. My Bellie and I are always treated so kindly during our visits. Dr. Armentano has such a calm spirit that he puts us at ease. We understand our girl has significant issues but with Dr. Armentano's professional problem solving we are hopeful that we can give her good days for a longer period of time. Each worker from the moment we enter smiles and praises Bellie. Thank you so much! ~ Shari

I have noticed how each person interacted with me and every other patient's person with warmth, patience, empathy, hopefulness. I also appreciated the several detailed explanation/conversations I had both with Dr. Armentano and each ER doctor from our previous visit. They took the time to make sure I understood each detail without looking at their watch. I felt very respected and embraced. ~ Lorra

Dr. Armentano and his team are always great. We've been coming to VSC for about a year now for a recurring issue with my pet. They have always provided great service and care while also taking the time to fully explain and answer any questions we may have. They go above and beyond with the doctor even taking time to answer questions when he is out of the office. ~ Zach

I have been coming to the center for over a year.  Dr. Armentano and his technician Rebecca are such an asset to your company. They are just beyond kind and helpful and it makes my visit much easier. Because of them, I would recommend your facility to everyone, thanks for having such wonderful and caring doctor and technician. They are the BEST. ~ Cindy

You are all fantastic! But Dr Armentano is the bee's knees. He is uber-smart, thorough, intuitive and I can see he genuinely loves my cats. I'd like to think I'm special, but I imagine he is that way with all his clients and their pets. I am so grateful. ~ Susan

VSC has been great! We are very thankful for Dr. Armentano and team.  Their expertise, determination and compassion saved my dog! ~ Francesca

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