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Your Pet’s Journey at VSC

Retractable Leashes

Use of eCollars

Cat Carriers

Giving Your Cat a Pill

Giving Your Dog a Pill

Preparing and Giving Sub-Q Fluids to Your Pet

How to Ice an Incision

How to Remove a Bandage

How to Nebulize Your Cat

VSC Rehabilitation and Integrative Medicine Center

Veterinary Specialty Center’s Rehabilitation and Integrative Medicine Department is home to our rehabilitation, integrative and holistic medicine departments. Rehab is becoming more common for pets that have had  orthopedic procedures and it is also used to treat pets that have pain and other issues related to aging and obesity. Doctors focusing on integrative medicine use a variety of methods to treat chronic and painful conditions.

Rehabilitation Treatments for Senior Pets

Acupuncture for Senior Pets

Acupuncture for Kidney Disease