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Cost of Specialty Care

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Providing specialized medical care can be costly whether it’s for people or their pets. As costs continue to rise for human health care, they also rise for veterinary medicine. From its founding, the team at Veterinary Specialty Center has made a commitment to providing the most technologically advanced and specialized veterinary medical care for pets. All of the specialists at VSC have several years of advanced training in their area of specialization and are experts in their chosen specialty.

What is unique about our specialties at Veterinary Specialty Center is that a doctor with advanced training does every consult and many specialized procedures. The state-of-the art diagnostic and monitoring equipment used at VSC is more advanced than that in many human hospitals. With our technology and specialists, we increase our ability to do more advanced life-saving procedures. As we manage previously life-threatening conditions and prolong life expectancy, the costs involved in providing advanced care will rise.

1 landing page pet families Cat exam Willow and Dr AThe technical staff at VSC is experienced, highly trained and work closely under our doctor’s directions. Our emergency staff is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to care for your pet. Beyond that, our staff is comprised of committed animal lovers who care for their patients the same way they would their own family pets.

The doctors who care for your pet will present you with both diagnostic and therapeutic options, as well as an estimate of the costs. It is impossible to predict every possible outcome or obstacle and costs can rise in patients with unexpected complications or prolonged hospitalizations. Discussion about costs should be a part of the daily dialogue you have with VSC staff members caring for your pet.

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