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Preparing for your visit

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Any trip to the veterinarian can be stressful for you and your pet. At Veterinary Specialty Center, we strive to work with our clients to take some of the stress out of the situation. When you call to make an appointment, a member of our client services team will guide you through the appointment process, where to find additional information on our website and what to expect during your visit.

Client services will call to confirm your appointment and will be able to answer any questions you may have. They will have a list of instructions that include fasting information and which medications to avoid in case your pet need diagnostics or may need to undergo anesthesia for a procedure.

Prior to your visit, your veterinarian should forward veterinary records, current laboratory and blood work, biopsy information (if applicable) and digital x-Rays and ultrasound results. Admission forms may be downloaded, filled out and emailed or brought in for your appointment. It is also good to make note of observations on your pet’s health issues, behavior and eating habits.

If your vet doesn’t have digital x-rays, he or she may send copies of your pet’s x-rays with you.

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