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Veterinary Specialty Center was the first private veterinary practice in Illinois with a board certified specialist in anesthesiology and pain management. Oue team designs protocols that minimize risk while optimizing pain relief.

The anesthesia team is not only available for elective surgeries, but is also consulted on after-hours and emergency surgeries. The team also works closely with internal medicine, oncology, emergency and critical care on a day-to-day basis.


We safely anesthetize thousands of patients every year and many of them have other diseases and pre-existing conditions that increase their risk of complications while under anesthesia. Our job is to manage that risk and perform procedures in a manner that maximizes safety and optimizes patient comfort.

Unfortunately, complications can occur in even the healthiest patient because anesthetic drugs alter the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems. We monitor your pet continuously and carefully so that problems are addressed as they arise.

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