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Anesthesia & Pain Management

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General Anesthesia

Veterinary Specialty Center Tech MonitoringGeneral anesthesia is a drug-induced state of unconsciousness that enables veterinarians to perform surgery or other therapeutic and diagnostic procedures that would otherwise not be possible. General anesthesia is produced by injecting drugs into your pet’s blood stream and/or by your pet breathing in an anesthetic gas.

Potential complications are rare in healthy pets undergoing elective procedures but may include drug-induced low blood pressure (hypotension); respiratory or cardiac arrest; loss of airway; fluid overload; acute failure of organs such as the kidneys or liver; neurologic dysfunction such as blindness, coma or death.

General anesthesia is often used in combination with locoregional anesthesia to increase the safety of anesthesia while optimizing pain relief. With various nerve blocks, your pet will be free of pain while the block lasts, but may not be able to use a forelimb or hind limb for 18 to 24 hours (in some cases up to 30 hours) after the procedure.