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Tailored Protocols

Veterinary Specialty Center - Anesthesia Prep

Risks for complications under anesthesia increase with pre-existing diseases, extremes of age and anesthetic time. Certain surgical procedures are inherently more risky than others. When designing your pet’s protocol, Dr. Sarkar and her team take into account operative risk, which incorporates both factors related to the patient and the procedure being performed. Throughout the procedure, pets are closely monitored using state-of-the-art equipment with a dedicated technician monitoring your pet through recovery.

Dr. Sarkar is happy to talk with you about the risks your pet has in regards to anesthesia and the planned procedure. If there is anything that can be done to decrease this risk, this will be discussed. In some cases, this may require postponing anesthesia for some time if medications are needed to control blood pressure or heart rate, for example, or if intravenous fluids are needed for longer than 12 hours prior to anesthesia. This decision will be made with the surgeon or specialist in charge of the case. In other cases, further diagnostic testing such as a cardiac workup with an echocardiogram may be needed and will be discussed as well.