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Serum chemistry profile

A serum chemistry profile (Vet test-GHP, chem, total health) is a test to evaluate the chemical components in your pet’s blood stream. This includes an evaluation of liver and pancreatic enzymes, kidney function, electrolytes and blood proteins. A serum chemistry profile is recommended as a part of every medical work-up as it reveals critical information about your pet’s state of health.
If a patient has significant abnormalities on a serum chemistry profile, these abnormalities may be followed as often as every 6-12 hours to evaluate response to therapy or change in medical status.

A serum chemistry profile is done after a small amount of blood is drawn from a vein or intravenous catheter. The blood is evaluated on an in-house chemistry analyzer for immediate results. If immediate results are not necessary or if a particularly abnormal result needs to be re-evaluated, blood may be sent to an outside laboratory, sometimes as a part of a total health profile.

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