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The diagnosis and treatment of neurological disease is challenging. The nervous system is comprised of the brain, brainstem, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. It is both a complex and highly sensitive system that controls even the most basic functions. Many patients with an underlying neurological disorder present to their veterinarian with a variety of symptoms. Some common neurological problems are:

• Epilepsy
• Seizures
• Limb paralysis
• Balance disorders
• Brain tumors or trauma
• Congenital anomalies
• Degenerative myelopathy
• Infections or inflammation
• Vision problems
• Neuromuscular disorders or swallowing difficulties
• Ruptured disks
• Spinal fractures or tumors
• Meningitis or excessive fluid build-up within the brain

Diagnostic evaluations are required in order to pinpoint the problem and provide treatment options. Our board-certified neurologist/neurosurgeon, Dr. Belinda Comito, works with our surgeons and radiologists to determine the best treatment options for your pet. They use many advanced diagnostics to determine the best course of action including:

  • Advanced laboratory testing
  • Cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) analysis
  • Diagnostic imaging-ultrasound, radiography, CT (Computed Tomography) scans and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • Neuromuscular evaluation with electromyography (EMG)
  • Myelography

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