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Acoustic Compression Therapy (ACT)

Sound waves have come to the forefront in treating pets suffering from chronic and acute pain thanks to a new non-anesthetic treatment option – Acoustic Compression Therapy (ACT). The PiezoWave Vet device uses sound waves directed at varying depths to provide focused and pinpointed deep tissue massage in muscles, tendons and joints. The treatment supports healing by increasing circulation and pain relief.

Veterinary Specialty Center Acoustic Compression TherapyReferred pain that seems to radiate from areas far from their true source of origin is often difficult to treat. The PiezoWave Vet is able to define the originating pain trigger points. The technician working with the pet is guided through the process with behavioral cues that the clinician can interpret to ensure that the treatment is being delivered to where it is needed.

Individual ACT treatments last several minutes and there are normally one to two treatments a week. A total of four to seven treatments may be needed for lasting improvement. VSC is the first clinic in the Chicago area to use the PiezoWave Vet.