Rehabilitative Medicine

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Underwater Treadmill Therapy

Underwater treadmill therapy uses water to support your dog or cat’s weight while they are walking on the treadmill. With underwater treadmill therapy, range of motion is improved, muscles are strengthened and endurance is boosted because of the therapeutic benefits of using water.

It is helpful for rehabilitation of a variety of conditions including soft tissue injuries, weak muscles, postoperative fracture care, neurological impairment, weight loss and amputation recovery. For aging pets, there are therapeutic benefits for osteoarthritis and geriatric care as well. At the VSC Athletic Center, there are two underwater treadmills available to help pets undergoing rehabilitation and facing a variety of other issues. Some dogs even use our treadmills as part of our VSC Athletic Club exercise package.

Additional Advantages to the Underwater Treadmill

A pet therapist has a variety of ways that an underwater treadmill may be used in a pet’s therapy regime. First he or she may raise or lower the water level depending on how much weight a pet should be bearing to return to a normal gait. When the water is higher, the weight is reduced, building endurance and putting less stress on joints.

The thermal effects of water are also helpful. Warm water lessens pain and makes connective tissue more flexible while increasing blood flow and the pet’s motivation. The pet rehabilitation specialist may also adjust the speed of the treadmill due to the age and injury of the patient.