Amanda Wonn, DVM (House Doctor)



University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Amanda Wonn’s original interest was animal education, where she fell in love with wildlife conservation and how it applies to community outreach. From there, she bounced around trying different aspects of animal care, including wildlife rehabilitation, shelter medicine, and zoo medicine. She knew that veterinary medicine was for her after discovering how integral it is to long-term population survival and conservation medicine! Even small animal private practice medicine can provide an opportunity to maintain the health of an entire community, as well as provide opportunities for education and outreach.

Dr. Wonn’s main area of interest is zoological medicine, though she does have a great interest in both avian medicine and reproduction/theriogenology. She especially loves how veterinarians can help with bringing animals back from the edge of extinction, starting with population management, conservation initiative, and community involvement!



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