Ariel Wickers, MS, BVMS, mRCVSv (Surgical Intern)



University of Florida


University of Glasgow


ASPCA Animal Hospital

“Like many people in our field, I decided I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was quite young. Starting at about five years old, I volunteered at an animal shelter in NY with my stepmother. Around the same time, I told her that I wanted to become a “vetrarian”, and my stepmother replied that, if that was the case, I had better start working on that goal right away. My primary drive has always been, as with all of us, just to make the greatest positive impact in the lives of animals and others. 

My motivation to become a surgeon comes from a combined love of the practice of surgery and the science behind it, as well as knowing that I’m able to have a significant, immediate impact on the quality of life of animals who may otherwise suffer without necessary procedures.”


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