Conner McGriff, DVM (House Officer)



Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine


Fear Free: Veterinary Professional (Level 3)
Fear Free: Emergency & Critical Care
Partners for Healthy Pets: Small Animal Preventative Care

Positive Reinforcement Training
Police & Military Service Dogs (K9s): Narcotics/Explosive Detection & Patrol (Dual purpose) Training

Area of Interest

Surgery and Oncology (Surgical & Medical)

“I was drawn to veterinary medicine, as it combines my love for animals and practicing medicine. I appreciate the wide breadth of the veterinary field and its unique challenges. I find it intellectually stimulating, from the underlying bio-physiology to the hands-on clinical practice. I enjoy being involved in all aspects of patient care; including diagnoses, planning, treatment, and beyond. Helping animals and their families provides me with great satisfaction. It is never boring, always busy, and provides endless opportunities to grow and improve. I am specifically passionate about the emergency and specialty setting. I enjoy tackling the most difficult and exciting cases alongside other experts. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve my community and represent my family with pride as a veterinarian.

I am interested in small animal surgery and oncology (medical and surgical) because I enjoy the complexity, intensity, and hands-on nature of these specialties. I also find the underlying pathophysiology and treatment principles intellectually stimulating. These specialties provide the opportunity to tackle the most unique and challenging cases, using industry-leading technology and collaboration with other experts. I like to be highly involved in all aspects of my patients’ care, and to help families through the most stressful and troubling situations regarding their pets.”


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