Enjolie Levengood, DVM, MS (House Doctor)



Ross University College of Veterinary Medicine

Clinical Year

University of Edinburgh College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Enjolie Levengood has always loved animals and has been told since she was a child it would make a great career path.  As she began to pursue the sciences in college, she also continued her passion for theater and communication arts, which plays a vital part in veterinary medicine.  She is excited to combine her two loves—caring for animals and communication—into a lifelong job!

Dr. Levengood loves the study of internal medicine because of the diversity of diseases and processes contained within this subject.  Often medicine cases are complex puzzles that require patience, curiosity, and attention to detail to figure out – which she loves.  She hopes to complete an academic residency and then go on to become a clinical teacher so she is able to research, lecture, and practice medicine while helping baby doctors learn!


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