Kalil Jana-Pitre (Surgical Intern)



Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine

Rotating Internship

Blue Pearl (TX)

“Ever since meeting my first pup “Linda” (Golden Retriever) and first kitten “Pinty” (Tortie) when I was 5 years old, I distinctly remember creating a unique bond with them and thinking to myself “They are my best friends”. From that moment forward, I unconsciously knew I would do anything and everything to protect their innocence and well-being. Nothing made me happier than to be able to protect animals for others…the relationship I have been privileged to have with my own pets. 

Every time I stepped into an OR, I would find myself more and more intrigued. It wasn’t until my 1st year of vet school that I did my first externship with board-certified surgeons. I was instantly hooked. From the excitement of having to think on your toes in the middle of complicated surgeries to witnessing the 180-degree change those surgeries cause in so many lives, made it a “no-brainer” to pursue this path.”


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