Leah Kienitz, DVM (Surgical Intern)



Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine


University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine

“I was one of those children that always knew I wanted to be a veterinarian. My family had our own little zoo (cats, dogs, potbelly pig) when I was growing up, and I loved going to the veterinarian for their annual checkups. Helping animals has always been my passion, and veterinary medicine combines that with educating owners and my love of science.

I used to love watching the surgeries at my local clinic but didn’t realize there was a life where I could only do that part. Coming from such a small town in North Dakota, I didn’t realize specializing was an option. When I went to vet school and learned about all of the opportunities I had with a DVM, I instantly knew surgery was it for me. I really enjoy fixing problems and working with my hands. I also love seeing an animal’s quality of life instantly improved by fixing their fracture, removing the mass, etc.”


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