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Collaborative Approach

When we talk about collaborative care at Veterinary Specialty Center, it goes above and beyond our relationship with referring veterinarians and the families that trust their pets in our care. Collaboration is how we start each day and that continues throughout the day as we see patients and work to find a solution to their health issues or injuries.

Our approach starts each morning when our team of specialist and emergency room doctors go on rounds in our critical care and emergency ward. Each team member shares details of their current cases and gets feedback from the other specialists. Because of that, each patient is not just getting one specialist weighing in on a case – they are getting a whole team approach.

That spirit of collaboration continues during the day. Internal Medicine may want a surgeon’s opinion on an orthopedic case. A surgical case may benefit from feedback from our neurologist. Another specialist in a different area of expertise is usually just a few steps away and available when needed. They don’t need to call another clinic or wait for someone from another building to give their feedback.

All of our departments also benefit from having the only board-certified anesthesiologist in private practice in Illinois. Her expertise extends beyond surgery to helping with pain management and other protocols that benefit all of our teams hospital-wide.

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