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VSC Athletic Club Program Keeps Dogs Active During the Winter

//VSC Athletic Club Program Keeps Dogs Active During the Winter

VSC Athletic Club Program Keeps Dogs Active During the Winter

If you’re looking for a new way to keep your dog active and engaged this winter, you may want to check out an athletic club tailored specifically for dogs. Veterinary Specialty Center’s (VSC) new Athletic Center at 1495 Busch Parkway is launching the VSC Athletic Club aimed to keep dogs active and engaged during the challenging winter months when many dogs don’t get exercise due to the bitter cold, snow and ice.

“Dogs do need activity to stay happy and healthy, but they also need to be engaged so they don’t get bored and participate in destructive behavior,” says Lindsay Seilheimer, DVM, Director of VSC’s Athletic Center. “We provide a variety of activities to help dogs burn off energy and stay active during the challenging months ahead.”

The program will provide two “gym” sessions a week that can include exercises in VSC’s gym area and time in the underwater treadmill. Gym sessions will include strengthening and core exercises as well as other physical activity. The length of the sessions will vary from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the stamina of the dogs that are participating.

The VSC Athletic Club is open to dogs that have been referred to the program by their primary care veterinarian. As part of the package price, dogs will receive a fitness examination by Dr. Seilheimer before working with technicians on specific programs at the VSC Athletic Center. Monthly packages are $100 for two sessions a week. If pet owners purchase three months in advance, the fourth month will be free. Learn more at rehab@vetspecialty.com or by calling 847-459-7535.

The VSC Athletic Center is an 8,600 square foot facility that opened in August and is located one block west of VSC’s emergency and specialty hospital. The center is home to a new 3,600 square foot gym area which allows the rehabilitation team to use a multimodal approach to improve their patient’s comfort and mobility. Dr. Seilheimer and technicians use positive reinforcement and low-stress handling and utilize underwater treadmills, core exercises, laser therapy, acoustic compression therapy and other modalities to treat pets recovering from orthopedic procedures, arthritis and other mobility issues, and/or obesity.


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