VSC Soft Reopen Procedures

What to know about our soft reopening

With Illinois opening up from COVID-19 restrictions, VSC has decided to follow the state’s lead with a “soft” reopen. What does this look like? First, entrance to the hospital will only be offered to initial appointments.

Initial appointments for specialty services:

When making an appointment, a member of our client service team will ask if a client wants to be put into an exam room or remain curbside. In either instance, clients will stay in their car during the check-in process prior to an appointment.

Upon arrival, a client service team member will confirm with the client if they want to continue with their original preference to be put into an exam room or remain curbside. If the client(s) has decided to come into a room:

  • A member of the specialty team will go to the car and escort the client(s) into an exam room.
  • The doctor will discuss recommendations and next steps in the room.
  • Clients will then be asked to return to their vehicle. They may wait in their vehicle or be sent home.
  • Pick-up and release of patients will be done by phone, and a team member will bring the patient back to the car.
  • Once the appointment is finished and discharges have been verbally communicated, the discharge instructions and payment link will be sent to the client by the discharging team.

For clients arriving for emergency services:

Clients will continue to check-in upon arrival from their car. A member of our client service team will then inform the triage technician that a patient has arrived. An ECC triage tech will call the client, get the patient’s history, and ask if the client wants to be seen in a room or wait in their car.

If the client(s) want to be seen in a room:

  • When the ER Doctor is ready to meet with the client, a member of the triage team will go to the car and escort the client and patient to the exam room.
  • Once the doctor discusses recommendations and next steps, the client should return to their vehicle.
  • If this is an outpatient procedure, then once the appointment is finished, a technician will send a payment link, review and send discharge instructions.


All clients still need to be masked. However, for those coming into the building, we no longer require health check paperwork.


Clients will be unable to wait in the bistro or lobby. If there will be an extensive wait for tests, etc., and the room is needed for another appointment, the clients must return to their car to wait or be sent home to return later. The Bistro is open for clients to purchase food but will be closed for clients to use to sit and eat.

Front Desk

Plexiglas has been added to the front desk area for the safety of both our employees and clients. All receipts will be emailed or texted to clients. We will not be offering printed receipts at this time.


Clients must continue to use the provided outdoor, climate-controlled restrooms which are deep cleaned daily.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we start to return to normal operations!

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