Synovetin OA Screening Questionnaire

Example Synovetin Release Instructions:

Synovetin Release Instructions

We are assessing the suitability of treating your dog with Synovetin OA® in one or more arthritic joints. Synovetin OA®, a radio-therapeutic treatment, emits ionizing radiation within the joint to relieve pain and inflammation over an extended time period. Your dog’s coat and surroundings will not be affected, and the activity will naturally decrease over time. To maintain overall exposure below federally established limits, there will be certain procedures to follow in the period after treatment.


For helpful  information to prepare for treatment, and  to register to receive rebates up to $250, scan this code or go to visit.


ALERT: Our ER is open, but our ICU is currently at capacity. We may not be able to admit additional pets for hospitalization at this time.