Internal Medicine

It can often be challenging to diagnose and manage some of your pet’s medical conditions. Certain illnesses require more advanced diagnostics, may not be responding to traditional treatments, or may be a rare illness that can be difficult to diagnose. In these situations, your pet may need to be evaluated by a board-certified Internist – a veterinarian that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases.

Veterinary Specialty Center experienced internal medicine specialists are ready to help with any complex cases. Our doctors and their teams are dedicated to caring for dogs and cats with chronic, serious, and life-threatening illnesses. Our Internists not only collaborate with each other, but they also work closely with our other specialists – cardiology, oncology, surgery, clinical pathology, and emergency and critical care – to arrive at a diagnosis and create a comprehensive treatment plan for your pet.

VSC is also at the forefront of treating pets with kidney disease in the United States. We are one of the few veterinary hospitals that offer hemodialysis and plasmapheresis, which expand our treatment options for kidney disease, immune-mediated illnesses, and toxicity cases.


Our Internal Medicine Department provides the following services:

    • Scopes

      • Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
      • Cystoscopy
      • Bronchoscopy
      • Rhinoscopy
    • Bone Marrow Aspirates

  • Joint Taps
  • Feeding Tubes
    • Esophagostomy
    • Percutaneous Endoscopic Guided (PEG)
  • Fluid Tests
    • Cerebrospinal Fluid Tap (CSF)
    • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    • Serum Chemistry Profile
    • I-STAT
    • Coagulation Tests
    • Arterial/Venous Blood Gas
    • Urinalysis
    • Immune
    • Infectious Disease
    • Endocrine

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