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VSC Veterinary Education Conference

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Throughout the year, we offer a range of Continuing Education programs at Veterinary Specialty Center for our referring veterinarians and their technical staff. We offer programs on a regular basis at our Buffalo Grove headquarters and also offer some programs at some of our satellite locations as well.

We offer several more extensive daylong Continuing Education programs during the year –

  • The VSC Veterinary Education Conference is the largest, free continuing education event in the Chicago area and offers RACE approved programs for both technicians and doctors. This conference is held in the first quarter each year.
  • The VSC Veterinary Wellness Conference is for all veterinary professionals and focuses on mental health and wellness. It is held in the second quarter each year.
  • The VSC Veterinary Business Conference is open to owners, managers, supervisors and those aspiring to become owners or managers and covers business-related topics. It is held in the third quarter each year.

We have also held daylong conferences that focus on the kidney, emergency and critical care, nutrition and emergency medicine for technicians.