Skin disorders are a common but frustrating problem in pets and without effective treatment, they can develop into serious health problems. These problems can leave you feeling helpless as you watch your pet’s discomfort affect the quality of their life. Midwest Veterinary Dermatology Center is dedicated to finding the source of your pet’s condition and working with you and your family veterinarian to find a solution.

Veterinary Specialty Center offers 2 board-certified dermatologists who use their training, years of experience, and specialized equipment to diagnose and treat even the most difficult skin cases including:

• Allergies
• Treatment of skin problems that are a result of metabolic diseases or nutritional imbalances
• Congenital and keratinization disorders
• Immune-mediated conditions
• Chronic ear infections
• Skin infections, including resistant strains of staph bacteria like MRSA and fungal infections
• Endocrine disorders such as hyperadrenocorticism and hypothyroidism
• Lick granuloma
• Ectoparasites (fleas and mites)
• Skin cancer
• Chronic hot spots

Together, our staff has nearly 50 years of dermatology-specific veterinary experience and a broad knowledge of veterinary medicine in general.
Dermatology appointments are available at the main office in Buffalo Grove along with 2 additional locations:

Midwest Veterinary Dermatology Center
796 S. McLean Blvd Elgin, IL 60123
847-459-7535 ext. 4

Midwest Veterinary Dermatology Center
19110 S. 88th Avenue Mokena, IL 60448
847-459-7535 ext. 4

To schedule an appointment for all three locations, please call (847) 459-7535 ext. 4

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