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“We Honor and Care for Our Community” The VSC response to COVID-19

As always, our primary concern is for the well-being of our staff, our clients, and our patients. It is our values and standards that guide our response to the facts that affect us at this current moment. Veterinarians and our teams provide important animal and public health surveillance, deliver essential [...]

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Counselor’s Corner: Kindness Wins

By Becky Murray, CVT, MA, LCPC — Becky Murray is Veterinary Specialty Center's full-time Licensed Professional Counselor. Hello from Veterinary Specialty Center’s Counselor’s Corner! This is Becky, hoping that you are all staying safe and healthy. I’m going to be sharing some thoughts with you about coping with [...]

COVID-19 Service Announcement

COVID-19 Update: Veterinary Specialty Center is currently open. Due to ongoing concern revolving around COVID-19, we have implemented additional guidelines and protocols to ensure we can continue caring for your pets.

For information and tools from our counselor on coping with COVID-19, please visit our Counselor's Corner.

Please visit vetspecialty.com/covid19 for the latest updates.