Anesthesia Rounds and Notes

Below are recordings from Anesthesia Rounds and past Anesthesia/Pain Management lectures.

Anesthesia Rounds (Didactics)

Notes: If you watch a lecture in GoToWebinar, click the paper icon in the upper left corner for the notes (when provided). You must use your VSC email to log in to watch.

“Airway Emergencies” November 2022

Angry Pets and Anesthesia: How to Hospitalize the Patient without Getting Hospitalized Yourself” – October 2023

Anesthesia & Cardiac Disease”  August 2023

Anesthesia Drug Pharmacology” August 2022

“Anesthetic & Equipment Monitoring” August 2023

“Anesthesia for Exotic Animals” – June 2023

Anesthesia for Endocrinopathies & Other Comorbidities” – March 2023

“Anesthesia for Pregnancy, C-Sections, Neonates & Pediatrics” – March 2023

Brachycephalic Anesthesia” – September 2023

Endocrine Disease and Anesthesia August 2022

“ER & Anesthesia: When Stabilization Involves Surgery” December 2022

Local Anesthetics” – April 2023

Managing Blood Pressure” – August 2023

Managing the Difficult Airways” – September 2023

More Drugs, Less Hugs – Anesthetic Drug Pharmacology”  – July 2023

Perioperative Pain Management – August 24, 2023

Technician Lectures (Adi Flores, CVT)

Libby Burkman, CVT

“Cat Nap or CATastrophe: Understanding and Improving the Veterinary Technician’s Approach to Feline Anesthesia!”, Tech Talk, May 10, 2023 (there is no CE Credit for this lecture)

Adi Flores, CVT

Don’t Sleep on Anesthetic Monitoring” – From 17th VSC Veterinary Education Conference – February 2022

What’s the Hype on Hypotension? Uncovering the Importance of Adequate Blood Pressure in the Anesthetised Patient” – Evening Webinar Series – June 2022


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