Anesthesia Rounds and Notes

Below are recordings from Anesthesia Rounds and past Anesthesia/Pain Management lectures.

Anesthesia Rounds (Didactics)

Notes: If you watch a lecture in GoToWebinar, click the paper icon in the upper left corner for the notes (when provided). You must use your VSC email to log in to watch.

“Airway Emergencies”

Angry Pets and Anesthesia: How to Hospitalize the Patient without Getting Hospitalized Yourself” – May 2022

Anesthesia & Cardiac Disease

Anesthesia Drug Pharmacology

“Anesthetic Equipment & Monitoring”

Brachycephalic Anesthesia”

Endocrine Disease and Anesthesia

Local Anesthetics

Managing Blood Pressure

Anesthesia Lectures (Katie Bennett, DVM, DACVAA)

Chasing the Hype: Feline-Specific Anesthesia” – From I’m Feline Fine Webinar – October 2021

Age is Not a Disease: Anesthetic Monitoring for Geriatric and Pediatric PatientsFrom 17th VSC Veterinary Education Conference (Adi Flores) – February 2022

Managing the Opioid Crisis Through Opioid-Free Techniques” – Evening Webinar Series – June 2020

Technician Lectures (Adi Flores, CVT)

Don’t Sleep on Anesthetic Monitoring” – From 17th VSC Veterinary Education Conference – February 2022

What’s the Hype on Hypotension? Uncovering the Importance of Adequate Blood Pressure in the Anesthetised Patient” – Evening Webinar Series – June 2022


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