Preparing for your appointment

In addition to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of all dermatologic disorders, we also perform intradermal testing and allergen-specific immunotherapy for atopic dermatitis. Otoscopy is available for chronic ear infections for which this procedure would be appropriate. Biopsies and histopathology may be done if necessary to diagnose a skin condition appropriately.

What to expect from a visit

At the time you schedule your dermatology appointment, we will contact your referring veterinarian’s office to obtain a copy of pertinent medical records and laboratory results. If you have any additional information from previous veterinarians, please contact them and have the records faxed or emailed to our office (847-808-8900 or

We request that outpatients have no food for approximately 8 hours prior to the appointment (in case we need to draw blood or perform a procedure that requires sedation or general anesthesia). We also recommend that the owners refrain from bathing their pet for several days prior to the appointment. All medications should be continued as directed by your primary care veterinarian until after we have examined your pet.

Please arrive a few minutes prior to the scheduled appointment to complete a small amount of paperwork. A dermatology history questionnaire may be downloaded from this website to aid us during the first appointment.

Your appointment

At the time of your appointment, one of our staff members will escort you and your pet to the exam room and will take a brief history. After reviewing your pet’s medical history, the doctor will talk to you and perform a dermatologic exam. It may be necessary to perform some laboratory tests during the visit to help determine the next course of action. The doctor will discuss this with you during the visit.

You will receive a printout with specific information about your pet’s visit, tentative diagnosis, directions for medications, home care, procedures, or tests recommended and/or handouts with further explanation. Your referring veterinarian will also receive a copy of the printout, along with copies of all diagnostics (lab work) performed. Most recommended medications can be dispensed through our office; a few medications may need to be obtained through an outside pharmacy. An estimate of costs for procedures, tests, or medications may be requested at any time.

Follow up appointments may be scheduled while you are here, or you may call later. You may also reach us by email.


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