Walk-In Ultrasound Appointments

Veterinary Specialty Center continues to see a significant surge of walk-in cases requiring ultrasound through our ER department. Because walk-in ultrasounds are multi-departmental, client wait times can be two to three times longer than a typical emergency visit. It is not unusual for ultrasound waits to average three hours or longer. Unfortunately, this has caught many of our clients by surprise and has left many of them frustrated. We wanted to update you as to some of the measures we have in place for this procedure to help set your expectations prior to your arrival at VSC.

  • Walk-in ultrasounds are performed based on both urgency and a first-come, first-served basis.
  • To minimize parking lot wait times, we are now offering day admits for ultrasounds when possible. After completion of the ultrasound and when one of our ER doctors is available to evaluate the patient, they will then call the client to discuss any findings, recommendations, and coordinate hospital admission or discharge of the patient.
  • Stable patients presenting for ultrasounds may be asked to return the next day if wait times are extreme.
  • While we encourage non-urgent pet emergency cases to Get In Line online, walk-in ultrasound cases are not eligible for our Get In Line service at this time.
  • On Sundays, our radiology department staffing is limited and walk-in ultrasounds will need to arrive by 10 am.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to a member of our client service team.


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