Integrative Care

Natural healing options are not just for people. Our integrative care team uses a combination of traditional veterinary medicine and holistic or alternative therapies to improve your pet’s overall wellness. We collaborate with your primary veterinarians or our own specialists focusing on your pet’s whole body. The goal is to restore function to increase your pet’s capacity to prevent and treat diseases.

Holistic approaches can also help prevent or minimize adverse effects of some of the medications your pet is currently taking. It is also an alternative for pets that may not tolerate drugs or have had a reaction to more traditional treatments.

Although cats tend to be less compliant than dogs when it comes to veterinary treatments, we have found that they respond well to integrative therapy. We have quite a few cats receiving acupuncture and laser treatments at VSC. Cats also respond well to many types of herbs and supplements.


Initial exams for integrative care are a little different than a traditional veterinary appointment since we are focusing on treating the whole pet instead of a specific illness. During the hour-long appointment, our doctor will observe how your pet moves, breathes and interacts along with observing mental activity, overall musculature and the quality of a pet’s coat. A general physical examination will also be completed.



ALERT: Our ER is open, but our ICU is currently at capacity. We may not be able to admit additional pets for hospitalization at this time.