Therapeutic Exercises

Just like people, pets benefit greatly from a wide range of therapeutic exercises after orthopedic procedures, to handle mobility issues, and to assist with rehabilitation after an injury. Our veterinarians in our rehabilitation department have had additional training and passed a certification exam to become specialized in this modality. Prior to your pet receiving treatment, our doctor will evaluate your pet and create a custom physical therapy plan that will include a range of modalities.

Therapeutic Exercises in the gym

Our Rehabilitation and Integrative Care Department offers a spacious gym and a wide range of equipment that our team uses to help pets regain strength and mobility. We use a variety of physical apparatuses that include cavetti rails, peanuts, a land treadmill, balance boards, and other tools. We work with a patient’s family to guide their pet through exercises aimed at treating specific problem areas while improving a patient’s strength, quality of movement, balance, and endurance. Along with assisting animals in need of physical rehabilitation, exercise programs can assist with weight management, holistic care, and core conditioning.

Underwater Treadmill

Underwater treadmill therapy is one of the more popular forms of therapy for orthopedic rehabilitation. The buoyancy of water supports your pet’s body weight, reducing stress on their joints and helping to improve range of motion, endurance, and muscle strength. If a pet lacks confidence or strength when standing, the water can give them some comfort.

The pets we treat on the underwater treadmill wear a life jacket and are assisted by a technician. We often raise the water level to a pet’s hip level to take the weight off their joints. We also can lower the water level for a more challenging workout or raise the level even higher so a pet is actually swimming.

If a pet has been favoring a limb or has had difficulty walking, the underwater treadmill can help them learn how to walk again, increase their range of motion and improve their cardiovascular health. We go slow with the treatments and make adjustments to reduce the stress of the treatment.

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