Total Hip Replacement (THR) – FAQs

Is surgery
performed at the first appointment?

We do not perform same-day Total Hip Replacement (THR) procedures. At your first appointment, you will meet with a surgeon to discuss your pet’s medical history and perform a physical examination. Based on these, they will discuss whether or not a (THR) is right for your pet. Your pet will stay with us for a few hours while we sedate him or her and perform 4-6 radiographs (X-rays).

Can you use the X-rays that my regular veterinarian performed?

To plan for surgery, we need specific views of the hip(s) done while your pet is sedated to best evaluate the joint and to also measure for the correct size of hip replacement.

How often do you perform THRs?

Right now we are scheduling surgeries every 2-3 weeks.

What is the care going to be like for my pet after surgery?

The postoperative care for your pet is critical to the success of their THR. The most important part is a strict exercise restriction. The first 6 weeks after surgery walks are limited to only short bathroom breaks three times per day. No running, jumping or playing for the first 4 months after surgery.

How much does a THR cost?

The cost for the pre-operative radiographs, surgery, hospitalization and 6-week recheck radiographs is $15,000 to 18,000.

How old does my pet have to be for a THR?

We can evaluate your pet as young as 6 months, but we will wait until they are finished growing (9-12 months) to perform the surgery.

What is the success rate of THRs?

Generally, 95% of pets return to normal or near-normal function.

My pet has hip dysplasia in both hips. Will they both need to be replaced? How do you decide which to replace?

Almost 80% of pets with hip dysplasia in both hips only require a THR on one side to achieve a good quality of life. We decide which hip to replace based on X-rays, the owner’s observations, and our physical examination.

How long will my pet stay in the hospital?

Generally, they only require 1-2 nights of hospitalization after surgery.

THR FAQs - Handout


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