Tech Talks

Below are recordings from our Tech Talks.

Notes: These lectures are for educational purposes only and there is not CE Credit for on-demand lectures. You must use your VSC email to log in to watch.


Cat Nap or Cat-astrophe” –  Libby Burkman, CVT, Surgery

Total Intervenous Anesthesia – Katie Karakosta, CVT, Surgery


“Air Supply: What is High Flow Oxygen Therapy” – Brooke Davis, CVT, LVT, VTS (ECC)


“Dominating Myths: Presenting Misinformation in Canine Behavior (and Cats)” – Alyse Henderson


“Let’s Get Raw (About Raw Diets)” – Kayla West, Credentialed Technician, PTNC


Oncology for the Technician’s Soul Leanne Burnard, Credentialed Technician, Oncology


Are We Compatible? Crossmatching for Transfusions” – Mel Braverman, CVT, Veterinary Diagnostic Lab


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