Adriana Emiliano, DVM



Ross University College of Veterinary Medicine

Clinical Year

Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine


The Schwarzman Animal Medical Center

Dr. Adriana Emiliano originally became interested in veterinary medicine because she loved animals and thought she would not have to interact with people. Obviously, this was not the case. As she continued in her studies, she found that the communication with her clients in the management of her patients became extremely inspiring. In particular, she loved the dynamic of the human-animal bond, and she feels being the bridge between them is the most fulfilling part of her career.

What inspired your interest in emergency medicine?

I chose a career in emergency medicine because I enjoy the excitement of the emergency room and how unpredictable each case can be. And, I know how hard it can be as a client to be in this confusing and difficult position, as I myself have lived through similar circumstances. To be the guide for my clients and the complexity of their patient management is what inspired my choice of emergency medicine. 

What are some of the biggest challenges in your area of expertise?

The biggest challenge in my area of expertise is not having all the answers. Oftentimes, clients come into the ER for answers to chronic ailments or conditions that require specialty training/testing that I cannot facilitate through the emergency service. I try my best to guide the clients in the right direction, but not being able to follow my patients to their diagnosis can be difficult.

Is there a particular case that has inspired you?

I had a client who adopted a dog from a breeder due to a congenital defect of the heart. She was a veterinary technician and knew what type of surgery would be indicated, the risks associated with this surgery, and the outcome if she did not take this puppy home. Long story short, the patient had the surgery and had EVERY COMPLICATION (congestive heart failure, pneumonia, site infection, etc.). There were multiple instances which we discussed the quality of life, however, this client continued to advocate for her puppy. Two weeks later the patient was discharged. Over half a year later she is thriving. The love and responsibility this technician took on for a puppy she just adopted a month prior was beautiful. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, I am an adrenaline junky. I enjoy skydiving and scuba diving primarily, however as I continue to travel, I hope to add to this list. I also love working out, particularly focusing on physique work, and playing video games with my family and friends. 


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