Samantha Goldstein, DVM (House Officer)



Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

Clinical Year

Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Area of Interest


“I chose a career in Veterinary Medicine due to my interest in animals and science since I was a little kid. I tried every instrument and sport, but nothing stuck like working with dogs and horses. I grew up as a horse trainer and horseback riding instructor utilizing Parelli Natural horsemanship. This Natural horsemanship entails a bond between a horse and a human through “love, language, and leadership.” I was quickly drawn to animal behavior, challenges, and the selflessness of animals. I knew these assets mixed with science and the passion to learn led me to the path of Veterinary medicine. With the desire to always want to give back, I felt as though Veterinary medicine would be the best of ways.

My area of interest in specializing is surgery. Through my time in school, clinics, and externships, I found that I gravitated the most to surgery, watching over every surgical procedure that I could. I volunteered to work in shelter medicine in St. Kitts, Colorado, and Florida doing soft tissue surgeries and assisting with orthopedic procedures. Due to my meticulousness and love for anatomy, I felt that surgery was the best fit for me. I believe all the aspects of my life that made me who I am, guided me to want to be a valuable surgeon, giving the best quality medicine to my future patients.” 


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