Herbal, Essential Oils, Nutraceuticals

More pet owners are turning to alternative treatments such as herbal remedies, homeopathy, essential oils and nutritional supplements for their pet. While there are many over-the-counter treatments available, many are not veterinary grade and certain treatments could affect the efficacy of other medications your pet may be receiving. Our doctors in our rehabilitation department have received specific training for these supplemental treatments and get a total assessment of your pet’s health and other treatments before prescribing veterinary grade herbs and supplements for your pet.

Herbal formulas

Herbal medicine can be offered with acupuncture or other veterinarian-prescribed treatments and medications or can be used as a stand-alone treatment. Correct application can help to support patients that are ill and strengthen the foundation of their health. Many conditions can benefit from the herbal medicine, but the most common conditions we treat include arthritis, digestive issues and immune issues.

Our veterinarians recommend a variety of herbal formulas that complement the goal of health and comfort for your pet. We use a combination of Western or Chinese herbs to treat your pet just as a doctor would select the appropriate medication for a pet’s particular illness. The Chinese herbs that we used are based on ancient formulas that have been reevaluated and adjusted by the veterinary community for pets. They are organic and produced in Canada.

Other Adjunctive Therapies (including essential oils)

Homeopathy, essential oils, nutritional supplements, and flower essences can benefit your pet’s physical and emotional health. They can help pets cope with illness, change, or a physiological imbalance that needs to be corrected. These remedies come from minerals, plants, and animals and are regulated by the FDA.

We also use pharmaceutical grade essential oils at VSC. We use them to decrease pain, inflammation, and incontinence and for relaxation.


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